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Brake Assembly, Overhauled, Dunlop AHA2070, (Sold Exchange) (Call or Email for Details) (Additional core Charge may Apply)

The 1159SCL404-5 is a part number for a brake assembly used in Gulfstream aircraft. An overhauled Gulfstream brake assembly refers to a used brake assembly that has undergone a comprehensive inspection, repair, and testing process to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications and is safe to use.

During the overhaul process, the brake assembly is disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for any damage or wear. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced, and the assembly is reassembled using new hardware and seals. The overhauled brake assembly is then tested to ensure it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications before it is returned to service.

Overhauling a brake assembly can be a cost-effective way to maintain the performance and reliability of an aircraft’s braking system. It allows for the reuse of components that are still in good condition while replacing those that are worn or damaged. It is important to note that overhauled parts should only be installed by qualified personnel and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.